The democratic access to the Internet has changed not only our society, but also the strategies used by extremists. Currently, it is not difficult to find propaganda produced by extremists on social media, communication apps and even videogames.


Besides terrorist attacks perpetrated by groups such as Daesh, Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda, some countries have suffered attacks motivated by hate against immigrants and Muslims. Many researchers have pointed out an increase in the number of Neo-Nazi groups that preach the purity of race.


The high amount of propaganda produced by both Neo-Nazi groups and Jihadist groups may be connected to the type of society that we belong: a society that seems to value more the appearance than the being itself. The post-truth society. In the digital era, where anyone can produce, edit and broadcast its own spectacle, it has become easier to persuade young people. Extremist groups have been taking advantage of that.


Since young people are the main target of extremists, we believe they are the key to tackle extremism and radicalisation. Young people already know how to use social media platforms and they can use their creativity to develop strategies to challenge hate on the internet. Although there are many institutions that use words to tackle extremism/radicalisation, some of them are not well-known on social media and students can improve this situation with their skills and creativity. Therefore, the main goals of WORDS HEAL THE WORLD are:


  • challenge hate on the internet with content produced by students from different nationalities and backgrounds
  • provide young people with knowledge and the skills necessary to deconstruct extremist messages on multiple social media platforms
  • help increase the visibility of institutions all over the world that use words to tackle extremism/radicalisation
  • inform people about recent reports and events regarding extremism/radicalisation
  • provide local and global communities with information about different types of extremism


In the absence of a universal definition for the concept of extremism, we define extremism as every ideology that preaches the supremacy of a group in comparison to others due to their culture, religion, color, gender or sexual preferences. Therefore, we consider antisemitism, Islamophobia, jihadism, xenophobia, racism, sexism and homophobia types of extremism.


We believe the fight against extremism begins on the online space, and there is no one better than young people to use it for peace. Students are the future generation, and we have been training them to use WORDS TO HEAL OUR WORLD. In fact, it makes us unique!


Words Heal the World is the only project in the world that puts students as partners in the development of messages to challenge hate on the internet, and by doing so, it gives them the chance to use their skills to contribute with the construction of a better society. 


We have been encouraging students from different countries to join us. So if you have ideas, suggestions, JOIN US! In the contemporary age, social media has been frequently used to incite hate, and we have the necessary means to change that!


Extremists have been using words as weapons and we are using them for PEACE.