Our Team


BEATRIZ BUARQUE: 33-year-old Brazilian journalist with more than ten years of experience in the newsroom and a Distinction Degree  – MA in International Relations and Security (University of Westminster). Beatriz researched the impact of the internet on the 5th wave of terrorism and is currently the Brazilian ambassador of the Latin American Youth Network for Peace.









JAMES GATICA:  journalist graduated from Cardiff University with a Master degree in International Journalism. A native of Santiago, Chile, he worked for several years for Canal 13 – the largest private TV station in the country – covering world news on a daily basis like the Colombian peace process and the Paris terror attacks. His experience has been enriched with field assignments in places such as Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Argentina, Peru, and the Falkland Islands. James believes words can heal the world because there is always good news to tell.






ISABELLA GUERREIRO: Brazilian journalist graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and expert in Organizational Integrated Communication (Superior School of Advertising and Marketing – RJ). Isabella has worked for newspapers and private media companies over her ten years of experience in the newsroom. She believes words can heal the world because words carry the message that is in our hearts. Words can be prayers, solution, forgiveness, gratitude.









STUDENTS FROM UFRJ (BRAZIL): group of students that has been writing stories based on academic reports about extremism/radicalisation, making videos, producing short-documentaries and developing social media campaigns to challenge hate in Brazil. Although the country has not been directly affected by jihadism, it has faced problems with the rise of far-right and the spread of narratives inciting hate towards refugees, Jews, African-Brazilian religions, black people and homosexuals.





STUDENTS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER (UK): group of students from the University of Westminster from different backgrounds that has been writing stories, making videos to deconstruct extremist messages, producing short-documentaries and developing social media campaigns to challenge hate on the internet.





HIND SHUAIB: English teacher who completed her Masters in International Relations and Democratic Politics at the University of Westminster (UK). Before studying in the UK, Hind used to work as a human rights trainer in Gaza, Palestine.






NATHALY CIFUENTES:  Born and raised in Bogotá Colombia, Nathaly moved to the United States in 2013 where she graduated at Rockhurst University in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Public Relation. She also studied the concept of “familiarismo”, focusing on how it has affected new Latin America generations in the United States. Nathaly has recently moved to London, the United Kingdom, and she believes words can heal the world as long as we reshape negative words and fill them with love.






MARCIO CRETTON: Brazilian lawyer with more than ten years of experience in civil and criminal law. Marcio is currently based in Rio de Janeiro and he believes words can heal the world because they can bring people together if they are spread for the common good.