What We Do

All the content you find here was produced by students who have been using their creativity to challenge hate on the internet. Besides this activity, we also organize seminars to raise awareness on the myths used by extremist groups to persuade young people and we also deliver workshops to empower students of different ages and inspire them to use their creativity to come up with ideas to challenge different types of extremism such as Islamophobia, Antisemitism, Racism, Jihadism, Xenophobia, Sexism and Homophobia.


During our workshops, students feel they can make a difference in our society, and they irradiate this feeling among their friends and community, inspiring more and more people to use social media for peace. The ideas presented are so amazing that some of them we have implemented!


Are you interested in developing one of these activities in your university or High School? Let us know! Send an email to info@wordshealtheworld.com


Each of us can use social media and together we can heal our world!