Our Team


BEATRIZ BUARQUE: 34-year-old Brazilian journalist with more than ten years of experience in the newsroom (Globo TV – Brazil) and a Politics PhD student at the University of Manchester with a research project about the massification of hate speech, especially focused on the spread of antisemitic conspiracy theories. Beatriz also holds a Distinction Degree  – MA in International Relations and Security (University of Westminster) and recently won the Transcendence Award given by Michigan State University in recognition of her work with young people. For more information about Beatriz, access: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1947-4946









JAMES GATICA:  journalist graduated from Cardiff University with a Master degree in International Journalism. A native of Santiago, Chile, he worked for several years for Canal 13 – the largest private TV station in the country – covering world news on a daily basis like the Colombian peace process and the Paris terror attacks. His experience has been enriched with field assignments in places such as Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Argentina, Peru, and the Falkland Islands. James believes words can heal the world because there is always good news to tell.






MARCIO CRETTON: Brazilian lawyer with more than ten years of experience in civil and criminal law. Marcio is currently based in Rio de Janeiro and he believes words can heal the world because they can bring people together if they are spread for the common good.






STUDENTS FROM UFRJ (BRAZIL): group of students that has been writing stories based on academic reports about extremism/radicalisation, making videos, producing short-documentaries and developing social media campaigns to challenge hate in Brazil. Although the country has not been directly affected by jihadism, it has faced problems with the rise of far-right and the spread of narratives inciting hate towards refugees, Jews, African-Brazilian religions, black people and homosexuals.





STUDENTS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER (UK): group of students from the University of Westminster from different backgrounds that has been writing stories, making videos to deconstruct extremist messages, producing short-documentaries and developing social media campaigns to challenge hate on the internet.





HIND SHUAIB: English teacher who completed her Masters in International Relations and Democratic Politics at the University of Westminster (UK). Before studying in the UK, Hind used to work as a human rights trainer in Gaza, Palestine.






CAMELIA ALAA: During her time at the University of Westminster, Camelia joined Words Heal the World and had the opportunity to design content for multiple campaigns, logos, and many other creatives. After more than one year with us, she decided to take the lead and inspire youth to use their creativity for peace. She believes in making the world a better place by using the power of social media. She has a particular interest in Graphic Design.







ELENA CUOMO: Elena, 19 years old, is a Political Sciences student who lives in Argentina. She works with subjects linked to the Holocaust since 2018, giving talks in schools, working as a volunteer guide for Anne Frank Center Argentina, and also writing articles for Words Heal the World.  Elena was recently invited to attend the World Youth Conference on Kindness organised by UNESC-MGIEP. During this event, she was one of the speakers on the panel for preventing violent extremism through education. Besides her volunteering work with Anne Frank Center Argentina and Words Heal the World, Elena also has her own project: the YouTube channel “Lena To The Roots”, in which she does genealogical research to preserve and acknowledge identity through family history. Elena believes words can heal the world because they are the key to show compassion, and this is the only way to break the violence circle. By talking, by hearing, by showing love.