South America


Volunteers – UFRJ


Guide against stereotypes (guia contra esterótipos)

Journalists from different vehicles reproduce stereotypes without even realizing it, and hence, they end up contributing to structural racism and misogyny. Therefore, we are producing a guide to foster peace journalistic practices in Brazil.

Estimated launching date: November / 2021.

Supervision: Mariana F.


From student to student: sharing skills to challenge hate speech (Programa De aluno para aluno: compartilhando talentos para combater o discurso de ódio)

Volunteer students from different backgrounds are using their talents to produce a toolkit to start raising awareness on the importance of using social media for peace with High School students.

Estimated launching date: March / 2021.

Supervision: Mariana V.


Volunteers – different universities


Hate Map of Brazil (Mapa do ódio 2019)

Media students from different Brazilian universities collected official data on hate crimes recorded in Brazil. This data has been used as a primary source for the report Hate Map of Brazil 2019.

Launch date: 25/01/2020.

Supervision: Beatriz Buarque.



Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia

Hate Map of Latin America

Media students from different universities are mapping existing statutes to combat hate crimes in Latin American Spanish-speaking countries.

Estimated launching date: April / 2021.

Supervision: James Gatica.